syndication & licensing 

  • Sales & licensing services in domestic and foreign markets.

  • We represent photographers as well as Photo Agencies. 

  • All sales transactions are on a "per pic" basis to all clients across all platforms (print/digital/broadcast/PR/etc).

  • Specializing in Exclusive Photo Sets.

  • Flight Sales Staff are HIGHLY experienced multi-lingual team that coordinate pricing and market values before photos are offered. 

  • Real-time sales information for all markets communicated to contributors.

  • Copyright Protection Services in USA & Canadian Markets. 

  • Image Rights management software deployed on all materials submitted.

  • Direct Sales in MOST major markets! Contact our sales team for FLT_DIRCT sales map!

  • Comprehensive distributions system for maximum exposure! We are members of all proprietary image data-base services. We also manage our own searchable archive for editors to find your images for publication. 

content creation 
  • Our core function is the creation of paparazzi content.

  • Operations Staff maintain a cadre of both full-time Staff Photographers as well as free-lance contributors. Photographers are carefully selected at Flight to meet the highest standards of professionalism, technical ability, and professional ethics. They are the "par excellence" of the industry. Our photographers deliver proven results.  

  • Photographers are on assignment for Flight daily, and are strategically placed by our editors throughout the day. We are single-minded in our daily mission to deliver "unique" content to markets pro-actively. Our Assignment editors are well versed in markets outside of the USA and are known for delivering region-specific content for markets like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, and of course the United Kingdom.

  • Clients who retain our services for Day-Rates, or incoming tips can rest assured that a Flight Photographer on your assignment is on the job being supported by our Staff 24/7. Flight does everything possible to achieve a success.

Free fair-trade 
Flight is a multi-national owned agency 
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