the Flight formula 

We set out to create a photo agency that was completely re-imagined from the bottom up. We realized that the industry, and the world around it had changed dramatically by 2017, and all of its moving-parts had evolved with these changes to one exception.... The photo agency itself.  It's structure,  outlook, organization, and culture were long outdated by now.

It was the time for a new agency. One that was designed and would function in this era, for this era.  

An agency that began with the foresight of inevitable future change in the industry.

Flight is the amalgamation of renaissance and modernity. Antithetically, we offer a single product to the worlds publishing industry......PAPARAZZI. Coincidentally, the content that has proven to be the "blue chip" of the publishing world and has not only survived, but has thrived!

Amid the major changes of the past two decades in the global publishing industry it has been celebrity content, specifically "paparazzi" content- that has seamlessly integrated into each new innovation or platform. Not surprisingly, demand for candid paparazzi photos exponentially increases in harmony.  


At Flight Photo Agency it is our belief that celebrity content is the ONLY content publishers use where there is a clear, measurable, and proven demand created by their audiences and global advertising firms.


Flight the agency was meticulously designed to service the global demand for paparazzi photos by offering the "best-of-the-best". Exclusive content from across the world, the most relevant photos they need to stay competitive in capturing audiences across all platforms. We deliver the "stand out" pictures daily, and with consistency so that our clients know exactly where to come to buy the pictures that create profitability in their brands.


Flight Photo Agency is about offering "less" 

so that our clients can get "more"

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